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Theft and Malicious Acts on Site

It has recently been brought to the Committee’s attention, that during the last few weeks, incidents of trespass, theft and malicious activity have occurred.

One plot holder had every one of their expensive onion plants stolen overnight. Something in the order of 80 F1 onion sets, were removed from a raised bed. This wasn’t the act of birds that tug at such plants and leave the sets on the soil surface. The sets were systematically pulled out of the soil and stolen.

In another situation, a plot holder discovered grass seed sprinkled around their plot. It wasn’t randomly scattered, but strategically distributed amongst growing crops in several locations. In general, bare soil was left untouched, so it was done with the intention to cause inconvenience, unlike the above which was blatant theft.

Once again this incident happened overnight, when presumably the perpetrators think they will not be seen. But we have several people who keep a watchful eye over the site and they are now suitably alerted.

Both of these acts of vandalism and theft have probably been perpetrated by plot holders or someone with access to a gate key, because there are no signs of forced entry to the site or damage to fences, etc.

The committee wish to remind everyone, that any malicious plot trespass, theft or act of vandalism by a tenant, their family or friends, will result in instant cessation of their tenancy, with no grounds for appeal.

If anybody has any information relating to these incidents (or any others that we are not aware of), please speak to a committee member.

Ashfield Committee

June 10th 2012