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Our waiting list is currently closed due to high amount of people on the list. We will not be adding any more people to the list at the moment. You can view other allotment sites in Liverpool here:

If you’re a Knowsley resident you can also view sites in Knowsley here:

I’m on the waiting list, how long will it be until I will be offered a plot?

If you are on the waiting list, our Membership Officer will contact you as you reach near the top of the list. It’s likely that you may wait a long time and we are unable to give a timescale on the time before you reach the top of the list and will be offered a plot.


Liverpool City Council have contacted all allotment sites and asked that we circulate guidance on burning at allotments as a reminder to plotholders. We are aware that some people have discussed a communal bonfire on the allotment site, this is not allowed and the council may take action against any plotholders if this takes place and will likely ban burning at any time on our allotment site. Please see guidance issued by the City Council by clicking the link below.