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ACT System

ACT System

How Liverpool City Council Monitor Allotment Plots

In order to judge whether an allotment plot is being used to its full potential, Liverpool City Council (Allotments), use a system called ACT, which is an acronym for :- Activity and Cultivation over Time.

Ashfield Allotments expects all plot-holders to fully conform to these ACT criteria; and if not, notifications of Breach of Plot Agreement may be issued.

Activity means :-

  • You are visiting your plot regularly and frequently.
  • Any bushes/hedges, fences, paths and structures are properly and safely maintained.
  • Changes are happening on your plot; and there is evidence of activity during the “growing season”. Obviously during the winter months, actual cultivation is not expected, but there are plenty of opportunities to dig and prepare the soil, clear weeds, etc.

Cultivation means :-

  • Your plot has a variety of vegetable/flower plants growing, which are being tended accordingly.
  • Weeds and bushes/hedges/trees are kept under control and are not causing a nuisance to adjoining plot-holders.
  • Uncultivated land is either cleared awaiting planting, is temporarily covered to smother weeds, a “green manure” is growing to facilitate fertility or is left fallow as part of managed crop rotation system.
  • The plot does not contain a large quantity of rubbish/debris; and is kept neat and tidy.

Time means :-

  • If you are not active and/or your plot is not cultivated to an acceptable standard, over a distinct period of time, you will be given a notification of Breach of Plot Agreement, under the terms of the Liverpool City Council Allotment Tenancy Agreement.
  • If appropriate remedial work is not undertaken and you do not rectify the situation within a defined timeframe, a second notification will be issued to you, and ultimately a final notification and notice to quit.