Plot inspections: 5th to 11th June 2011

Plot inspections will be taking place between 5th & 11th June

Please ensure that your plot is being fully cultivated and well maintained

Note:  The committee do not arbitrarily opt to undertake these inspections. They are required to, by Liverpool City Council (Parks & Gardens), to ensure that plots are cultivated, maintained and tidy.

There is a huge waiting list for allotments and the council are becoming more pro-active in monitoring all allotment sites in the city. They also have the power to make their own inspections. If in their opinion, a plot is not being used as per their Allotment Tenancy Agreement, they will direct us to issue warnings and if these are not heeded, they can evict that tenant.

See the ACT (Activity, Cultivation over Time) page for more details, of the council’s criteria.