Allotments Under Threat

Allotments could be facing a major problem. The government has decided to undertake a “Review of statutory duties” with the aim of reducing the burden on local authorities. I think most of us would agree a good idea in theory – especially if it brings the council tax down.

However they considering removing the statutory duty to provide sufficient number of allotments for people in the area who want one. This would have the effect of putting all allotments under threat!

Act Now

There is a consultation process but it closes on 25th April 2011 so you need to act now and let the politicians know that allotments are important and we should be protected.

You can email your comments to: or write to them on paper

Review of Statutory Burdens Team
Department for Communities and Local Government
3/H6 Eland House
Bressenden Place
London SW1E 5DU

You should also write to your MP – there’s a great site to help you here: WriteToThem

Look at the Government’s web page on “Review of statutory duties placed on local government“.  Then fill in the “Statutory duties webform” which is in the top right-hand corner.  The webform is a bit confusing, so here are some model answers which you can use.

Please act now!

There is more information on the NSALG web site and thanks to the Hollin Lane Allotments web site for their informative posting and model answers and to Carole Ware and James Driscoll for their emails on this.