Allotment Competition Judging Criteria

Each allotment site will select their 5 best plots and they will be judged by a team of 5 judges.

Plot Inspection Criteria :-

  1. 1.    Condition of Plot

Plot should be well stocked with a variety of food produce and any unplanted areas should be weed free in lieu of planting. The soil should be of a good and well cultivated condition with any adjoining pathways, hedges and fences, well maintained.

  1. 2.    Workmanship

Paths on plot should be neat and well maintained. Care should be taken to keep any paved areas and structures safe, clean, and tidy, and good housekeeping shall be practiced.

  1. 3.    Crops

All plants should be healthy, sturdy and free from damage, making allowances for weather conditions and pest control. Crop rotation should be practiced and a good range of vegetable crops should be growing and also some fruit, flowers to encourage pollination, soft fruit and herbs. Canes or supports for plants should be properly positioned and sturdy. Crop succession will be awarded extra points, as will all year round cultivation.

  1. 4.    Layout and Planning

Intelligent planning of the plot and a pleasing visual effect will be looked for. Cultivation of less common crops and alternative methods of cultivation will be given credit. Intelligent management of difficult soil conditions, exposed sites and shaded locations will be taken into account. At least 75% of the plot should be cultivated to achieve maximum points.

  1. 5.    Environmental Friendly Practice & Biodiversity

With consideration for site management policy, credit will be given for environmental friendly practices and the promotion of biodiversity such as the use of green manures, composting, water butts, mulching, beekeeping, hens, etc.

Each category is worth 20 points. Maximum points per plot from 1 judge is therefore 100 points, or 500 points from all 5 judges.

Site Inspection Criteria

Beginning with arrival and ending with departure, sites shall be assessed against the following criteria :-

  1. 1.    Site Security
  2. 2.    Site Communications
  3. 3.    Pathways and Communal Areas
  4. 4.    General Plot Standards

Each category is worth 25 points. Maximum points from 1 judge is therefore 100 points, or 500 points from all 5 judges