Next Plot Inspection – Sunday 13th April

Liverpool City Council have now requested that allotment Committees carry out regular plot inspections. The Committee are asked to write to people who don’t appear to work on their plots. This system operates throughout the city on all allotment sites.

The next plot inspection will be carried out by the committee on Sunday 13th April.

NOTE – are you experiencing any difficulties?

Anyone having difficulty with their plot can speak to a committee member for  advice, or if you have a full plot and feel that you would be better able to cope with a smaller area, then arrangements may be possible to split your plot in half.

Refurbishment of Tower Block Flats

As you may already know the vacant Tower Block will soon be getting refurbished. As part of this the garages bordering part of the site will be demolished and some disruption may be caused at times for people accessing the allotments. We have been reassured that the boundary wall will be kept but may need reinforcement.

A meeting has been organised on Monday 10th March at 11.00am at the Allotment site with the contractors Wates to discuss these issues.

All plotholders are invited to attend. 

Rent Collections 2014

The Committee will be collecting rents on Saturday 1st and Sunday 2nd February 11.30an to 1.00pm in the site office.

2014 Rent Fees

  • Full Plot – £50 (Rent £40, Water £8, NSALG Fee £2)
  • Half Plot – £30 (Rent £20, Water £8, NSALG Fee £2)
  • Over 60 Full Plot – £30 (Rent £20, Water £8, NSALG Fee £2)
  • Over 60 Half Plot – £20 (Rent £10, Water £8 NSALG Fee £2)

Liverpool City Council has asked for each plotholder to fill in and sign a new tenancy agreement (remember to bring your glasses). 

Radio Merseyside Visits Allotments

On Monday 12th August Sean Styles from Radio Merseyside visited our allotment site do an interview about the allotments and our open day on Saturday.

Radio Merseyside 1b

Sean Styles with Lime Court on their plot

Radio Merseyside 2b

Sean with Eric and Joan

Sean had a good look around the allotments and chatted with our President Eric Shaw who filled him in on some of the history of our allotments. Plotholders Joan and Colin Langeveld chatted about the work that’s happened to improve the allotments and Terry from Lime Court talked about their plot and the work that they do on the allotments.

The interview is expected to be broadcast tomorrow (Wednesday 14th August) around 10.10am.

Video of Plot 2 Ashfield Allotments

Take a look at this great video by Sarah Lou Mcnee, taken of her dad’s plot at the Open Day in 2013.

Notice to Parents

The committee have just received a letter from a plot holder, complaining about unsupervised children running around and playing on theirs and other people’s plots.

We would like to remind everyone, that although we welcome and encourage family involvement, the plot holder has responsibility for their guests/visitors, at all times (Rule 2); and that nobody should encroach onto another person’s plot (or associated paths), unless they have been given permission.

Ashfield Allotment Committee

14 April 2013